Harmony, regeneration and relaxation

Massages are available seven days a week by appointment.

Each well-being therapy can be performed at our dedicated massage space or in the privacy of your room.

For all SPA enquiries or reservations, please contact Reception.

Advance bookings are recommended to secure your preferred treatment time.



55 min | 65 €     85 min | 95 €


This massage combines the power of essential oils with massage therapy,

benefiting both the mind and the body.

Fragrant essential oils of your choice are added to the carrier massage oil to promote healing, enhance energy level and improve your mood.

Hot Stone Massage

55 min | 65 €     85 min | 95 €

During a hot stone massage smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on specific parts of your body. This type of massage allows you to enter into a deeper state of relaxation as the therapist works to relieve muscle pain and tension. Hot stone therapy also promotes better sleep quality.

Thai Oil Massage

55 min | 70 €     85 min | 100 €

This massage is a fusion between Swedish and Thai, giving you the best of both worlds. It uses gentle to firm pressure and stretching techniques to relax the entire body, helping you to de-stress and loosen up, to recover both mentally and physically.

Sports Massage

55 min | 70 €     85 min | 100 €

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting issues that are caused by heavy physical activity. The application of sports massage prior to and after exercise may enhance performance, aid recovery, and prevent injury. 

The therapist uses strong pressure to relieve tension in muscles and connective tissue, improve joint flexibility, and correct posture.


Face Massage

55 min | 65 €

Facial massage boosts blood and lymph circulation, removing any unwanted puffiness, helps to fight the forming of fine lines, and reduces stress leaving you peaceful and relaxed. 

The immediate increase in oxygen flow will awaken the

skin and give that healthy glow to your complexion.

Foot Massage

55 min | 65 €

Start your day on the right foot by treating them to a well-earned massage. With all the walking up and down the Montenegrin hills your feet deserve special attention to reduce muscle tension and fluid retention, improve blood circulation, relax exhausted soles and even relieve back pains and headaches.


Face Massage

25 min | 35 €

A little pick-me-up to bring to boost your complexion.

Back & Neck Massage

25 min | 35 €

For those on the go. A short but intense session of back and neck massage will boost your spirit and set you up for a new day.

Foot Massage

25 min | 35 €

A nice add-on to any full-body massage.



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